EU4 Casus Belli IDs

Find below a list of all Casus Bellis and their IDs from the Europa Universalis IV game. Type the name or key of a Casus Belli into the search box to instantly filter the table contents.

Stellaris Casus Bellis

Name Casus Belli ID
Restoration of Union cb_restore_personal_union
Defected Province cb_defection
Canceled Loan cb_loan_cancelled
Discovered Spy cb_spy_discovered
Disloyal Vassal cb_disloyal_vassal
Imperial Liberation cb_hre_attacked
Diplomatic Insult cb_insult
Dishonored Call cb_dishonored_call
Subjugation cb_vassalize_mission
Obscure Documents cb_fabricated_claims
Religious Unity cb_religious_conformance
Border Friction cb_border_war
Trade War cb_trade_war_triggered
Trade Conflict cb_trade_conflict
Trade Conflict cb_trade_league_conflict
Annexation War cb_annex
Government Form War cb_change_government
Humiliate cb_humiliate
Conquest cb_conquest
Reconquest cb_core
Independence cb_independence_war
Colonial Independence cb_colonial_independence_war
Nationalism cb_nationalist
Imperialism cb_imperial
War for the Emperor cb_daimyo_annex
War for the Emperor cb_independent_daimyo_annex
Annex Daimyo cb_shogun_annex
Sengoku cb_sengoku
Revolutionary War cb_revolutionary
Colonialism cb_colonial
Liberation cb_liberation
Holy War cb_crusade
Defender of the Faith cb_defender_of_the_faith
Cleansing of Heresy cb_heretic
Excommunicated Ruler cb_excommunication
Trade Dispute cb_trade_war
Trade League Dispute cb_trade_league_dispute
Imperial Ban cb_imperial_ban
Liberate Elector cb_liberate_elector
Coalition cb_super_badboy
Claim on Throne cb_claim_throne
Tribal Conquest cb_horde_vs_civ
Tribal Feud cb_tribal_feud
Revoke Electorate cb_revoke_electorate
Trade Protection cb_privateers
Support Rebels cb_support_rebels
Crush the Revolution cb_crush_the_revolution
Spread the Revolution cb_spread_the_revolution
Religious League cb_religious_league
Flower Wars cb_flower_wars
Maya Confederation cb_maya_expansion
Humiliate Rival cb_humiliate_rotw
Unify China cb_chinese_unification
Take Mandate of Heaven cb_take_mandate
Force Migration cb_force_migration
Forced ally to break alliance cb_forced_break_alliance