EU4 Add_cb Command

General Information

This command adds the specified Casus Belli against the country with the specified tag. Specify a second country tag to send the Casus Belli from that country, rather than from the country you are currently playing as.


add_cb [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag]

Casus Belli IDThe ID of the casus belli you wish to add.
Country TagThe country tag of the country you wish to add the casus belli to.
Country TagOptional. If you specify a country tag here, the casus belli will come from this country, rather than the one you are playing as.

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add_cb cb_nationalist GER

The above command adds the Casus Belli cb_nationalist (Nationalism) to Germany from the country you are currently playing as.

add_cb cb_nationalist GER POR

This command is similar to the first example, but because we specified a second country tag (POR), Portugal adds the Casus Belli to Germany, instead of your country.