EU4 Add_issue Command

General Information

This command adds an issue, specified by its id/key, to parliament.


add_issue [issue id] DLC: Common Sense

Issue IDThe ID of the issue you wish to add to parliament.

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add_issue administrative_reform

The ID for the Administrative Reform parliamentary issue is 'administrative_reform'. As a result, the above console command would add the Administrative Reform issue to parliament.

add_issue offices_to_vassals

This command would add the "Create Offices for Vassal Nobles" issue to parliament (issue ID offices_to_vassals).

Parliament Issue ID List

Below is a list of all Parliament Issue ID codes. Type the name of a Parliament Issue or a Parliament Issue ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Parliament Issue ID
Administrative Reform administrative_reform
Appoint a Grand Admiral appoint_a_grand_admiral
Appoint a new Prime Minister appoint_a_new_prime_minister
Appropriate Land for the State appropriation_of_land
Support the War Effort backing_war_effort
Charter Colonies charter_colonies
Charter Trade Company charter_trade_companies
Fund Expansion of Universities charter_university
Colonial Taxation colonial_taxation
Combat Janissary Decadence combat_janissary_decadence
Land Reform development_of_infrastructure
Election Reform election_reform
Emergency Impressment Act emergency_impressment_act
Extend Siberian Frontiers establish_new_siberian_frontier
Expand the Diplomatic Corps expand_diplomatic_corps
Expand Navy expand_navy
Expand Officer Lists expand_officer_lists
Expand the Army expand_the_army
Extend Officer Commissions extended_peacetime_officer_commissions
Extend Militarization of the State extend_militarization_of_the_state
Tax Provinces for Fortifications fortification_tax
Fund Expansion of Bureaucracy fund_expansion_of_bureaucracy
Fund National Monuments fund_national_monuments
Contribute to Government Debt Payment government_debt_reduction
Grant Concessions to the Brahmins grant_consessions_to_the_brahmins
Grant Concessions to the $ESTATE_BURGHERS$ grant_consessions_to_the_burghers
Grant Concessions to the $ESTATE_CHURCH$ grant_consessions_to_the_church
Grant Concessions to the Cossacks grant_consessions_to_the_cossacks
Grant Concessions to the $ESTATE_DHIMMI$ grant_consessions_to_the_dhimmi
Grant Concessions to the Jains grant_consessions_to_the_jains
Grant Concessions to the Marathas grant_consessions_to_the_marathas
Grant Concessions to the Rajputs grant_consessions_to_the_rajputs
Grant Concessions to the Vaishyas grant_consessions_to_the_vaishyas
Guarantee Religious Minorities guarantee_religious_tolerance
Harmonization of State Laws harmonization_of_laws
Restrict Imports imports_exports
Impressment of Sailors impressment_of_sailors
Centralize Land Ownership increase_crown_land_share
Increase Taxes increase_taxes
Guarantee Minority Rights integration_of_minorities
Investigate Corruption issue_investigate_corruption
Issue Letters of Marque issue_letters_of_marque
Conduct Nationwide Census nationwide_census
Conduct Nationwide Land Survey nationwide_land_survey
Create Offices for Vassal Nobles offices_to_vassals
Reform Rotten Boroughs rotten_borough_reform
Assimilation and Settlement Policy prohibit_use_of_local_languages
Propagation of State Religion propagation_of_state_religion
Quartering of Troops quartering_of_troops
Reduce Trade Regulations reduce_trade_regulations
Support Ruling Dynasty support_ruling_dynasty
The Draft the_draft
Treason Act treason_act