EU4 Add_loyalty Command

General Information

This command adds loyalty to the estate with the specified ID. Specify a negative number to remove loyalty. See argument explanation for estate IDs.


add_loyalty [estate id] [amount] DLC: The Cossacks

Estate IDThe ID of the estate you wish to add loyalty to. Estate IDs:
  • estate_church
  • estate_nobles
  • estate_burghers
  • estate_cossacks
  • estate_nomadic_tribes
  • estate_dhimmi
AmountThe amount of loyalty you wish to add to the specified estate.

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add_loyalty estate_church 4

The above command would add 4 loyalty to the Church Estate (estate_church).

add_loyalty estate_nomadic_tribes -4

Instead of adding 4 loyalty, as we specified a negative number, this command removes 4 loyalty from the estate with ID estate_nomadic_tribes (Nomadic Tribes Estate).