EU4 Add_natives Command

General Information

This command adds natives to the province with the specified ID. The amount added is equal to the number specified multiplied by 100: an amount of 1 would add 100 natives.


add_natives [province id] [amount]

Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to add natives to.
AmountThe amount of natives you wish to add to the aforementioned province. This amount is multiplied by 100, so entering 1 here would add 100 natives (not just 1). Specify a negative number to remove natives (-1 would remove 100 natives).

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add_natives 445 3

The above command would add 300 (3 x 100) natives to the province with province ID 445, which is Merv.

add_natives 495 -1

As we specified -1, this command would remove 100 (-1 * 100) natives from the province with ID 495 (Antigua).