EU4 Add_republican_tradition Command

General Information

This command will add the specified amount of Republican Tradition to the country with the specified country tag.


add_republican_tradition [amount] [country tag]

AmountThe amount you wish to add to the Republican Tradition value. Specify a negative value to remove Republican Tradition.
Country TagOptional. The tag of the country you wish to change the Republican Tradition value of. If this is not specified, the country you are currently playing as will be affected.

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add_republican_tradition 1

The above command would add 1 Republican Tradition to the country you are currently playing as.

add_republican_tradition 4 SPA

Because spain has the country tag SPA, this command would add 4 Republican Tradition to Spain.

add_republican_tradition -4 SPA

This cheat is similar to the second example, but instead of positive 4, we have specified negative 4 (-4). Because of this, 4 Republican Tradition is removed from Spain.