EU4 Add_trait Command

General Information

This command adds the specified trait to the ruler of the country you are currently playing as.


add_trait [ruler trait id] DLC: Rights of Man

Ruler Trait IDThe ID of the trait you wish to add to your ruler.

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add_trait cruel_personality

The above command would add the 'cruel_personality' trait to your current ruler.

Ruler Trait ID List

Below is a list of all Ruler Trait ID codes. Type the name of a Ruler Trait or a Ruler Trait ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Ruler Trait ID
Just just_personality
Righteous righteous_personality
Tolerant tolerant_personality
Kind-Hearted kind_hearted_personality
Free Thinker free_thinker_personality
Well Connected well_connected_personality
Calm calm_personality
Careful careful_personality
Secretive secretive_personality
Intricate Webweaver intricate_web_weaver_personality
Fertile fertile_personality
Well Advised well_advised_personality
Benevolent benevolent_personality
Zealot zealot_personality
Pious pious_personality
Lawgiver lawgiver_personality
Midas Touched midas_touched_personality
Incorruptible incorruptible_personality
Architectural Visionary architectural_visionary_personality
Scholar scholar_personality
Entrepreneur entrepreneur_personality
Industrious industrious_personality
Expansionist expansionist_personality
Charismatic Negotiator charismatic_negotiator_personality
Silver Tongue silver_tongue_personality
Conqueror conqueror_personality
Tactical Genius tactical_genius_personality
Bold Fighter bold_fighter_personality
Strict strict_personality
Inspiring Leader inspiring_leader_personality
Martial Educator martial_educator_personality
Navigator navigator_personality
Fierce Negotiator fierce_negotiator_personality
Babbling Buffoon babbling_buffoon_personality
Embezzler embezzler_personality
Infertile infertile_personality
Indulgent drunkard_personality
Sinner sinner_personality
Greedy greedy_personality
Cruel cruel_personality
Naive Enthusiast naive_personality
Craven craven_personality
Loose Lips loose_lips_personality
Obsessive Perfectionist obsessive_perfectionist_personality
Malevolent malevolent_personality
Immortal immortal_personality
Humane humane_personality
Petty petty_personality