EU4 Age_consort Command

General Information

This cheat sets the age of your country's consort to the specified amount of years. You can optionally specify a country tag as a second argument, if provided, this command will affect the country with this tag instead of your own.


age_consort [years] [country tag] DLC: Rights of Man

YearsA number. This is the amount of years that the consort's age will be set to. Note that this command *sets* age, it does not add this number to the consort's existing age.
Country TagOptional. If specified, the country with this country tag will have the age of their consort set (as opposed to your country).

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age_consort 40

This console command would set the age of the consort of the country that you are currently playing as to 40.

age_consort 23 MAB

MAB is Malabar's country tag. This console command would set the age of Malabar's consort to 23.