EU4 Ai_army_tick Command

General Information

This debug command initiates a forceful reevaluation of all planned army movements by the AI. It is useful to make an army reevaluate decisions if conditions have changed but the game is not updating. If a country tag is specified, the army of the country with this tag will be reevaluated. If, as a second argument, a file name is provided (e.g. armylog.txt), a log of the reevaluation will be saved to this file (which can then be found in your game's installation directory).


ai_army_tick [country tag] [file name]

Country TagOptional. A country tag. If specified, the country with this tag will have their army reevaluated.
File NameOptional. A file name to save a log file to. It will be saved in your game's installation folder.

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This console command would initiate a forceful reevaluation of army movements for all countries.

ai_army_tick KRL

As Karelia's country tag is KRL, this command would make the AI reevaluate army movements for Karelia.

ai_army_tick KRL ai2.txt

This command would is the exact same as the second example, but also saves a log file to ai2.txt.