EU4 Army_drill Command

General Information

This console command sets the drill for all sub units to the specified amount. The maximum amount is 100. If you specify a country tag as a second argument, the country with this tag will have their drill affected. Otherwise, this command will apply to the country you are playing as.


army_drill [amount] [country tag] DLC: Cradle of Civilization

AmountA number between 0 and 100. The amount of drill to set the country's sub units to.
Country TagOptional. If specified, this command will change the drill of all sub units for the country with the specified country tag.

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army_drill 40

The above cheat command would set the drill of all sub units belonging to the country that you are currently playing as to 40.

army_drill 21 ALB

This console command would set all of Albania's sub units drill to 21, as ALB is Albania's country tag.