EU4 Center_of_trade Command

General Information

This console command creates a center of trade with the specified level (1-3) in the specified province. If the province is already a center of trade, its level will be adjusted to the specified level.


center_of_trade [level] [province id]

LevelA number between 1 and 3. The level to set the center of trade in the specified province to. 1 for level one, 2 for level two, and 3 for level three.
Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to upgrade to a center of trade (and/or adjust the level of).

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center_of_trade 1 727

727 is the province ID of Aigun, meaning the above console command would create a center of trade in Aigun with a level of one.

center_of_trade 3 841

Guatemala has a province ID of 841. This console command would create a level three center of trade in Guatemala.