EU4 Change_culture_court Command

General Information

This command sets the culture of the specified court member. See argument information for court member types and culture IDs.


change_culture_court [court member id] [culture id]

Court Member IDThe ID of the court member you wish to change the culture of. Court member IDs:
  • ruler (Ruler)
  • heir (Heir)
  • consort (Consort)
  • admadv (Administrative Advisor)
  • dipadv (Diplomatic Advisor)
  • miladv (Military Advisor)
Culture IDThe ID of the culture you wish to set the court member's to.

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change_culture_court ruler cushitic

The above console command would set the culture of the ruler in court to Cushitic.

change_culture_court miladv matlatzinca

This cheat code would set the military advisor's culture in court to Matlantzinca.