EU4 Clearae Command

General Information

This console command will clear any aggression expansion between the two countries with the specified country tags. The first country tag is for the country you wish to clear the aggressive expansion towards. The second country tag (optional) is for the the country that is imposing the aggressive expansion. If you do not specify a second country tag, aggressive expansion from all nations towards the specified country will be reset.


clearae [country tag] [country tag]

Country TagThe country tag of the country that has aggressive expansion imposed on that you want to clear.
Country TagOptional. The country tag of the country imposing aggressive expansion on the first specified country. If you do not specify a country tag here, aggressive expansion from all countries for the first specified country will be cleared.

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clearae RUS

Russia's country tag is RUS. The above console command would clear aggressive expansion towards Russia from all countries.

clearae RUS OMA

This console command would clear all aggressive expansion towards Russia (country tag RUS) from Oman (country tag OMA).