EU4 Declare_war Command

General Information

This cheat makes two specified nations (countries) declare war on each other - no casus belli is required.


declare_war [country tag] [country tag] [call allies]

Country TagThe tag of the country you wish to be the aggressor (start the war).
Country TagThe tag of the country you wish for war to be declared upon (the defender).
Call AlliesSpecify 'yes' here to call allies of the countries that are willing to get involved in the war, specify 'no' here to not involve allies of the countries in the war.

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declare_war GER FRA

Germany's country tag is GER. France's country tag is FRA (more country tags). This command would make Germany and France declare war on eachother.

declare_war POL ENG

The above example would make Poland (POL) and England (ENG) start a war with eachother.