EU4 Dip Command

General Information

This command will add the specified amount of diplomatic power to your country. If a country tag is specified, the country with this tag will instead have their diplomatic power changed. Negative numbers reduce diplomatic power. Running this command without any arguments adds 999 diplomatic power to your country.


dip [amount] [country tag]

AmountThe amount of diplomatic power you wish to add. Specify a negative number to remove.
Country TagThe tag of the country you wish to add or remove diplomatic power from.

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This command would add 999 diplomatic power to your current country (999 is the default value).

dip 50

This command would add 50 diplomatic power to your current country.

dip -10

The above cheat would remove 10 diplomatic power from the country you are currently playing as (because a negative number is specified).

dip 200 NED

This cheat would add 200 diplomatic power to Netherlands (country tag NED).