EU4 Disaster Command

General Information

This command will start the disaster with the specified ID within the country you are currently playing as. To start a distaster within another country, switch to it using the tag command.


disaster [disaster id]

Disaster IDThe ID of the distaster you wish to start - e.g. 'civil_war'.

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disaster civil_war

The above command would start a civil war (disaster ID 'civil_war') within your current country.

Disaster ID List

Below is a list of all Disaster ID codes. Type the name of a Disaster or a Disaster ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Disaster ID
Golden Ambrosian Republic ambrosian_republic_disaster
Bonfire of the Vanities bonfire_of_the_vanities_disaster
Castilian Civil War castilian_civil_war
Civil War civil_war
The Count's Feud counts_feud
Court And Country court_and_country
Dutch Revolt dutch_revolt_disaster
Empire of China in Name empire_of_china_in_name
Unguarded Nomadic Frontier empire_of_china_nomadic_border
English Civil War english_civil_war
Dominance of the Brahmins estate_brahmins_disaster
Plutocratic Coup estate_burghers_disaster
Dominance of the Clergy estate_church_disaster
Cossack Independence estate_cossacks_disaster
Dhimmi Independence estate_dhimmi_disaster
Powerful Jain Society estate_jains_disaster
Maratha Independence estate_maratha_disaster
Aristocratic Coup estate_nobility_disaster
Dominance of the Tribes estate_nomadic_tribes_disaster
Rajput Independence estate_rajput_disaster
Vaishya Guild Coup estate_vaisyas_disaster
French Revolution french_revolution
French Wars of Religion french_wars_of_religion
Granadan War of Succession granada_succession_war
Internal Conflicts internal_conflicts
Janissary Coup janissary_decadence
Aspiration for Liberty aspiration_for_liberty
Crisis of the Ming Dynasty ming_crisis
The Peasants' War peasant_war
The Struggle for Royal Power pol_struggle_for_royal_power_disaster
Religious Turmoil religious_turmoil
Revolution revolution
The Dacke War the_dacke_feud
Time of Troubles time_of_troubles
War of the Roses war_of_the_roses