EU4 Embrace Command

General Information

This command will embrace a specified institution within a specified province. If you do not specify an institution, all institutions within the province will be embraced.


embrace [province id] [institution id]

Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to embrace an institution(s) within.
Institution IDOptional. The ID of the institution you wish to embrace. If not specified, all institutions within the province will be embraced. Institution IDs:
  • feudalism (Feudalism)
  • renaissance (Renaissance)
  • new_world_i (Colonialism)
  • printing_press (Printing Press)
  • global_trade (Global Trade)
  • manufactories (Manufactories)
  • enlightenment (Enlightenment)

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embrace 160

The the province ID of Oltenia is 160. Executing this command would embrace all institutions within Oltenia. For provinces, see province IDs.

embrace 160 renaissance

The above command would embrace just the Renaissance institution within the province with ID 160 (Oltenia).

Institution ID List

Below is a list of all Institution ID codes. Type the name of an Institution or an Institution ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Institution ID
Feudalism feudalism
Renaissance renaissance
Colonialism new_world_i
Printing Press printing_press
Global Trade global_trade
Manufactories manufactories
Enlightenment enlightenment
Industrialization industrialization