EU4 Exhaust Command

General Information

This command will add or remove war exhaustion from a specified country.


exhaust [amount] [country tag]

AmountThe amount of war exhaustion you wish to add. Specify a negative number to remove war exhaustion.
Country TagOptional. The tag of the country you wish to add/remove war exhaustion from. If not specified, the country you are currently playing as will be affected.

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exhaust 5

The above cheat would add 5 war exhaustion to your current country.

exhaust 5 AZT

In this example, Aztec's country tag (AZT) is specified, so 5 war exhaustion would be added to Aztec.

exhaust -10 ETH

Ethiopia's country tag is ETH. This command would remove 10 war exhaustion from Ethiopia (as we specified negative 10).