EU4 Imperial_incident Command

General Information

This cheat command starts the imperial incident with the specified ID.


imperial_incident [imperial incident id] DLC: Emperor

Imperial Incident IDThe ID of the imperial incident you wish to start.

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imperial_incident incident_burgundy_wants_to_join

The above console command would start the "Burgundy and the Empire" incident (incident ID incident_burgundy_wants_to_join)

imperial_incident incident_king_in_prussia

This cheat code would start "The King in Prussia" incident. The King in Prussia has an incident ID of incident_king_in_prussia.

Imperial Incident ID List

Below is a list of all Imperial Incident ID codes. Type the name of an Imperial Incident or an Imperial Incident ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Imperial Incident ID
The Burgundian Inheritance incident_burgundian_succ_emp
The Burgundian Inheritance incident_burgundian_succ_strong_ally
The Burgundian Inheritance incident_burgundian_succ_alone
Burgundy and the Empire incident_burgundy_wants_to_join
The King in Prussia incident_king_in_prussia
Petition for Membership incident_pu_subject_joins_empire
The Fate of the Peasantry incident_great_peasants_war
Decline of the Hanseatic League incident_hansa
The Pope and the Emperor incident_pope
The Question of Holstein incident_holstein
The Shadow Kingdom incident_shadow_kingdom
Switzerland and the Empire incident_switzerland
The Dutch Rebellion incident_dutch_revolt
Hungary Wishes to Join the Empire incident_hungary_mission
The Reformers Protest incident_reformer_dissension