EU4 Incident Command

General Information

This console command starts the incident with the specified ID for the country with the specified country tag. If you do not specify a country tag, the incident will start in the country you are playing as. Note that this command applies to the Shinto religion.


incident [shinto incident id] [country tag] DLC: Mandate of Heaven

Shinto Incident IDThe ID of the Shinto incident you wish to start.
Country TagOptional. The country tag of the country you wish to start the incident within. If not specified, the incident will start in your country.

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incident incident_wokou

The above console command would start the "Wokou Pirates" incident within your own country.

incident incident_urbanization JAP

JAP is Japan's country tag. Urbanization has an incident ID of incident_urbanization. The above cheat code would start the Urbanization incident in Japan.

Shinto Incident ID List

Below is a list of all Shinto Incident ID codes. Type the name of a Shinto Incident or a Shinto Incident ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Shinto Incident ID
Neo-Confucianism incident_neo_confucianism
Nanban Trade incident_nanban
Proliferation of Firearms incident_firearms
Spread of Christianity incident_spread_of_christianity
Rising Shogunate Authority incident_shogunate_authority
Ikko-Ikki incident_ikko_shu
Wokou Pirates incident_wokou
Urbanization incident_urbanization