EU4 Insult Command

General Information

This console command sends the specified insult from one country to another.


insult [country tag] [country tag] [insult id] DLC: Dharma

Country TagSender. The country tag of the country that you wish to send the insult.
Country TagReceiver. The country tag of the country that you wish to send the insult to.
Insult IDThe ID of the insult you wish to be sent.

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insult SCO ENG insult_pvp2

This console command would send the "Git gud." insult (insult ID insult_pvp2) from Scotland (country tag SCO) to England (country tag ENG).

Insult ID List

Below is a list of all Insult ID codes. Type the name of an Insult or an Insult ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Insult ID
Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries! insult_default
Judgment day is upon us! The minions of Lucifer walk upon the earth- Oh. No, it is merely the [Root.GetAdjective]. insult_default2
Furthermore, I believe that [Root.Capital.GetCapitalName] must be destroyed! insult_default3
When the account of our time is written by future generations, they will look at you with that mix of pity and disgust called compassion. insult_default4
My last visit to the commode was vastly more enjoyable than dinner with the [Root.GetAdjective] ambassador. insult_default5
Oh look. There's some lovely filth over here. insult_default6
Your blood will make the soil I take from you all the richer. insult_default7
The [Root.GetAdjective] know nothing about running a state! insult_default8
There is a problem most rife with [Root.GetName], and I suspect the cause are the [Root.Culture.GetName]. insult_default9
In this great game we play, you are a mere pawn. insult_default10
In [From.GetName], '[Root.GetName]' is a word synonymous with manure. insult_default11
Tales of your misdeeds are told from Ireland to Cathay. insult_default12
[Root.GetAdjective] culture is something of an oxymoron, don't you think? insult_default13
May your sky be filled with comets. insult_default14
No map can be a work of art as long as your nation is on it. insult_default15
What are you going to do, bleed on me? insult_no_army
One day, even [Root.GetAdjective] merchants will understand bookkeeping. insult_bookkeeping
Perhaps my armies should find out if all roads truly lead to Rome. insult_rome
I've heard your heir enjoys hunting. Do be careful, it would be such a shame if an unforeseen accident would happen. insult_heir_hunter
Your entire line suffers from delusions of adequacy. insult_monarchy
They say diamonds last forever, and you do seem to have a lot of them. Give us a few and we will find out if they can outlast your dynasty. insult_diamonds
So this is where pepper grows? It seems we have arrived just in time for a rich harvest... insult_european_indian
Soon all your treasures will be ours, including that preposterous Turquoise chair you so treasure. insult_against_bahmanis
While we were building a civilization you have kept in hiding among the vagrants of the Deccan. Bow now or meet your end at the hands of the heirs of Timur and Genghis. insult_against_deccani
You could have been a fine nation, if you had not been so preoccupied with killing each other over who was more related to the greatest murderer of our time. insult_against_timurid
Do you have a flag? insult_explorer_vs_africa_or_india
It is a dangerous wonder how a heathen such as yourself acquire such a rich and prosperous land. Luckily that will soon be rectified. insult_christian_muslim
The [From.GetAdjective] throne shall not be sullied by your cursed and deformed line. insult_against_habsburg
You are the scourge of this earth and shall be hanged from your walls for what you've done! insult_byz_to_ven
You fight like a cow! insult_guybrush
You fight like a dairy farmer! insult_against_guybrush
[Root.Monarch.GetName]'s head is as empty as a eunuch's underpants. insult_low_dipadm
l2playnoob! insult_pvp
Git gud. insult_pvp2
O Sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. insult_cossack_to_turk
When our sons look back on today, it will be known that while you may have shaved off our beard, we will remove your arm. insult_muslim_truce
There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. insult_against_denmark
If [Root.Monarch.GetName] fell into the Thames, that would be a misfortune. But if someone dragged [Root.Monarch.GetHerHim] out again, that would be a calamity. insult_against_england
[Root.Monarch.GetName] is a proud, popish, presumptuous, profane, pestilent, pernicious prelate and usurper. insult_marprelate
Your [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] is an unlawful, unnatural, false, bastardly governor of the Church, the Ordinance of the Devil, petty Pope, anti-Christ, incarnate devil, cozening knave, and prolific liar. insult_marprelate2
It would be a shame if something were to happen to your Meissner porcelain... insult_against_saxony
Your walls will crumble before our cannon like sand before the sea. insult_fort
Your corpse will pave the path of progress, [Root.Monarch.GetName]! insult_revolutionary
Is that sorry thing on your head what passes for a crown in [Root.GetName]? insult_monarchy_rank
I had another insult prepared for you, but I doubt you would be able to read it. insult_low_adm
It is time for the sun to set on the British empire. insult_against_gbr
May you be sewn up alive in the belly of a dead camel. insult_from_arabs
I suggest you change your uniform trousers to brown. insult_against_craven
Does [Root.Consort.GetName] know how many hand-maidens you keep in your chambers? insult_against_sinner
You are neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. insult_against_hre
Your eagle has two heads but not even one crown. insult_against_serbia
It is time you left. insult_against_european_in_india
Not even seppuku could restore your honor. insult_japanese
The dreadful state of your economy is a warning to all would-be rulers. insult_loans
I hear your people are revolting. You have that in common. insult_rebels
Can your soldiers hit a barn yet, or do they still think muskets are clubs? insult_low_mil_tech
You upstart tax collectors should know your place; being trampled under our horses! insult_golden_horde_vs_muscovy
We will impale [Root.Monarch.GetName] on a spike, as we have done with your pathetic armies. insult_wallachia_to_ottomans
You have haunted the waters of the Mediterranean for too long, cursed pirate! insult_barbary_pirates
You truly are the Sultan of Rum, you drunken swine! insult_turkish_drunkard
We shall take your lives, and your freedom! insult_against_scotland
May you succumb to Samsara and live a thousand lives without joy or enlightenment. insult_for_buddhists
Your kingdom is truly worth only a horse. insult_against_england2
Our arrows will blot out the sun! insult_for_persians
I hear that [Root.Monarch.GetName] is a devout follower of the [Root.religion.GetName], which will decide [From.Monarch.GetHerHis] fate in the next life. But it is the Emperor who will decide your fate in this life. chinese_insult_1
Show your obedience to the Emperor and enjoy a happy life, or else you shall meet the Celestial Army! chinese_insult_2
Your misdeeds so far are nothing but a petty sore. Correct them before they become infected beyond the point of help. chinese_insult_3
Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. insult_republic_to_monarchy
What did you just say to me, you scallywag? I have sailed the seven seas and have over a hundred confirmed boardings. insult_pirates_1
I will rain grapeshot all over you and you will choke on it. You're sunk, you blackguard. insult_pirates_2
If you keep on drinking rum, the world will soon be quit of a very dirty scoundrel! insult_pirates_3
I once owned a dog that was smarter than you insult_pirates_4
I give you a choice. You can be gutted, or decapitated! insult_pirates_5
It is true, I admit, that [Root.GetName] is of greater extent than [From.GetName]. But you must agree that [From.Monarch.GetName] rules over men, while [Root.GetName] rules only over forests and mosquitoes. insult_jungle
They say that German humor is no laughing matter. insult_german_humor