EU4 Invest Command

General Information

This is a toggle command, it will enable or disable the Trade Company Investment with the specified ID for the specified province.


invest [investment id] [province id] DLC: Dharma

Investment IDThe ID of the investment you wish to toggle for the province.
Province IDThe province ID of a province that is a member of the Trade Company you wish to toggle the investment for.

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invest brokers_office 303

303 is the province ID for Saratov. brokers_office is the investment ID for the "Broker's Office" Trade Company Investment. If the Broker's Office investment is not enabled for Saratov, this command will enable it. Otherwise, it will disable it.

Investment ID List

Below is a list of all Trade Company Investment ID codes. Type the name of a Trade Company Investment or an Investment ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Investment ID
Local Quarter local_quarter
Permanent Quarters permanent_quarters
Officers' Mess officers_mess
Company Warehouse company_warehouse
Company Depot company_depot
Admiralty admiralty
Broker's Office brokers_office
Broker's Exchange brokers_exchange
Property Appraiser property_appraiser
[Root.GetAdjective] Settlements settlements
[Root.GetAdjective] District district
[Root.GetAdjective] Township townships
Company Administration company_administration
Military Administration military_administration
Governor General's Mansion governor_general_mansion