EU4 Landing_page Command

General Information

This debug command shows the landing page for the DLC with the specified key.


landing_page [dlc key]

DLC KeyThe DLC key of the DLC you wish to show the landing page for.

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landing_page dlc006

dlc006 is the DLC key for Purple Phoenix. This console command would bring up Purple Phoenix's landing page.

DLC Key List

Below is a list of all DLC ID codes. Type the name of a DLC or a DLC Key into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name DLC Key
100 Years War Unit Pack dlc001
Horsemen of the Crescent Unit Pack dlc002
Winged Hussars Unit Pack dlc003
Star and Crescent dlc004
American Dream dlc005
Purple Phoenix dlc006
National Monuments dlc007
Conquest of Constantinople Music Pack dlc008
National Monuments II dlc009
Conquest of Paradise dlc010
Conquistadors Unit Pack dlc011
Native Americans Unit Pack dlc012
Songs of the New World dlc013
Songs of Yuletide dlc014
Native Americans II Unit Pack dlc015
Colonial British and French Unit Pack dlc016
Muslim Advisor Portraits dlc017
Wealth of Nations dlc018
Muslim Ships Unit Pack dlc019
Trade Nations Unit Pack dlc020
Res Publica dlc021
Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack dlc024
Indian Ships Unit Pack dlc025
Republican Music dlc026
Art of War dlc027
Evangelical Union Unit Pack dlc028
Catholic League Unit Pack dlc029
Songs of War dlc030
Guns, Drums and Steel dlc031
El Dorado dlc033
South American Unit Pack dlc034
Mesoamerican Unit Pack dlc035
Songs of Exploration dlc036
Guns, Drums and Steel volume 2 dlc037
Women in History dlc038
Common Sense dlc039
Theocracies Unit Pack dlc040
Buddhists Unit Pack dlc041
Great Nations Unit Pack dlc042
Free Cities Unit Pack dlc043
Kairi's Soundtrack dlc044
The Cossacks dlc046
Black Sea Unit Pack dlc047
Great Hordes Unit Pack dlc048
European Cavalry Unit Pack dlc049
Forts Pack dlc050
Sabaton Soundtrack dlc052
Catholic Majors Unit Pack dlc053
Evangelical Majors Unit Pack dlc054
Mare Nostrum dlc055
Italian Unit Pack dlc056
East African Unit Pack dlc057
North African Unit Pack dlc058
Kairi's Soundtrack Part 2 dlc059
Rights of Man dlc060
German Princes Unit Pack dlc061
West African Unit Pack dlc062
Songs of Regency dlc063
Fredman's Epistles dlc064
Fredman's Midsummer Epistles dlc065
Mandate of Heaven dlc066
Daimyo Unit Pack dlc067
Asian Majors Unit Pack dlc068
The North Unit Pack dlc069
Artillery Pack dlc070
Asian Navies dlc071
Third Rome dlc072
Russian Principalities Unit Pack dlc073
Russian Borders Unit Pack dlc074
Russian What If? Unit Pack dlc075
The Rus Awaken dlc076
Cradle of Civilization dlc077
Peninsula Unit Pack dlc078
Persian Unit Pack dlc079
The Rivers Unit Pack dlc080
Kairi's Soundtrack 3 dlc081
Iranian Advisor Portraits dlc082
Muslim Female Advisor Portraits dlc083
Rule Britannia dlc084
Western Ireland Unit Pack dlc085
Eastern Ireland Unit Pack dlc086
British Nations Unit Pack dlc087
British Revolters Unit Pack dlc088
Rule Britannia Music Pack dlc089
Dharma dlc090
Dharma - Hindu Unit Pack dlc091
Dharma - Indian Sultanate Pack dlc092
Dharma Advisor Portraits dlc093
Dharma Music Pack dlc094
Golden Century dlc095
Iberian Ship Pack dlc096
Berber Ship Pack dlc097
Iberian Unit Pack dlc098
Golden Century Music Pack dlc099
Imperator Unit Pack dlc100
Emperor dlc101
Balkan Unit Pack dlc102
Beyond The Alps Unit Pack dlc103
Unifiers Unit Pack dlc104
Emperor Music Pack dlc105