EU4 Leader Command

General Information

This command creates a general (military leader) with the specified fire, shock, maneuver and siege characteristics for the specified country.


leader [fire] [shock] [maneuver] [siege] [country tag]

FireThe leader's Fire rating, a number from 0-6.
ShockThe leader's Shock rating, a number from 0-6.
ManeuverThe leader's Maneuver rating, a number from 0-6.
SiegeThe leader's Siege rating, a number from 0-6.
Country TagThe country tag of the country you wish to spawn the leader for. If not specified, the leader will be spawned into your current country's military.

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leader 3 3 6 1

The above command would create a general for your current country's military with the given characteristic values: 3 fire, 3 shock, 6 maneuver and 1 seige.

leader 3 3 6 1 FRA

The above cheat would create a general with the same characteristics as the first command, but the general would be for France's military, rather than the country you are currently playing as (because France's country tag, FRA, is specified).