EU4 Mil Command

General Information

This command can be used to add and remove military power to/from a specified country.


mil [amount] [country tag]

AmountThe amount of military power you wish to add. Specify a negative number to remove.
Country TagThe country tag of the country you wish to add or remove military power to/from. If not specified, the country you are currently playing as will be affected.

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The default way to execute this command. Executing this command (no arguments) will add 999 military power to your current country.

mil 50

This command would add 50 military power to your current country.

mil -50

This command would remove 50 military power from your current country.

mil 2000 USA

As we've specified the United States' country tag (USA), this command would add 2000 military power to the Untited States.