EU4 Pick_golden_bull Command

General Information

This command will give the Pope the Golden Bull with the specified ID. See argument information for Golden Bull IDs.


pick_golden_bull [golden bull id]

Golden Bull IDThe ID of the Golden Bull you wish to give to the current pope. Golden bull IDs:
  • illius_qui_se_pro_divini (Illius Qui Se Pro Divini)
  • apostolicae_servitutis (Apostolicae Servitutis)
  • praeclara_carissimi (Christian Pictas)
  • immensa_aeterni_dei (Immensa Aeterni Dei)
  • libertas_ecclesiae (Libertas Ecclesiae)
  • dei_gratia_rex (Dei Gratia Rex)

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pick_golden_bull praeclara_carissimi

The above cheat code would give the Pope the Christian Pictas Golden Bull (golden bull ID praeclara_carissimi).