EU4 Religious_school Command

General Information

This console command sets the religious school for the country with the specified country tag. If no country tag is specified, this command will apply to the country that you are playing as. See argument information for religion school IDs.


religious_school [religious school id] [country tag] DLC: Cradle of Civilization

Religious School IDThe ID of the religious school you wish to set the target country's religious school to. Religious school IDs:
  • hanafi_school (Hanafi)
  • hanbali_school (Hanbali)
  • maliki_school (Maliki)
  • shafii_school (Shafi'i)
  • ismaili_school (Ismaili)
  • jafari_school (Jafari)
  • zaidi_school (Zaidi)
Country TagOptional. The country tag of the country that you wish to change the religious school of. If not specified, the country that you are playing as will be affected.

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religious_school hanafi_school

The above cheat code would set your country's religious school as Hanafi (religious school ID hanafi_school).

religious_school zaidi_school PRK

This console command would set Perak's (country tag PRK) religious school as Zaidi (which has a religious school ID of zaidi_school).