EU4 Runyear Command

General Information

This console command will run the commands within the file with the specified name when the game year hits the specified year. See argument information for where to place the file.


runyear [year] [file name]

YearA number. The year at which, when reached, the command file should be ran. For example, if you entered 1600, when the game hits the year 1600, the commands within the file would be ran.
File NameThe name of the file, placed in the game's Documents folder (Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV), that you wish to run all commands within (with extension). For example, commands.txt.

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runyear 1600 example_file_name.txt

Assuming you have placed a file named example_file_name.txt at Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV, this command would run all of the commands inside of it (one command per line) when the year 1600 is reached.