EU4 Set_leader_trait Command

General Information

This command will set your country's military leader's trait to the trait with the specified trait ID.


set_leader_trait [leader trait id]

Leader Trait IDThe ID of the trait you wish to set for your country's military leader.

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set_leader_trait glory_seeker_personality

The above console command would give the military leader of your country the Glory Seeker trait (trait ID glory_seeker_personality).

set_leader_trait defensive_planner_personality

defensive_planner_personality is the trait ID for the Defensive Planner leader trait. This cheat code would set your military leader's trait to Defensive Planner.

Leader Trait ID List

Below is a list of all Leader Trait ID codes. Type the name of a Leader Trait or a Leader Trait ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Leader Trait ID
Glory Seeker glory_seeker_personality
Born to the Saddle born_to_the_saddle_personality
Defensive Planner defensive_planner_personality
Battlefield Medic battlefield_medic_personality
Ruthless ruthless_personality
Inspirational Leader inspirational_leader_general_personality
Master of Arms master_of_arms_personality
Goal Oriented goal_oriented_personality
Hardy Warrior hardy_warrior_personality
Siege Specialist siege_specialist_personality
Cannoneer cannoneer_personality
Extortioner extortioner_personality
Ruthless Blockader ruthless_blockader_personality
Buccaneer buccaneer_personality
Prize Hunter prize_hunter_personality
Ironside ironside_personality
Naval Engineer naval_engineer_personality
Naval Showman naval_showman_personality
Ram Raider ram_raider_personality
Naval Gunner naval_gunner_personality
Accomplished Sailor accomplished_sailor_personality
Level-Headed level_headed_personality