EU4 Spawn Command

General Information

This command spawns the unit with the specified ID within the province with the specified ID.


spawn [province id] [unit id]

Province IDThe ID of the province to spawn the unit in.
Unit IDThe ID of the unit to spawn in the specified province.

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spawn 87 western_medieval_infantry

The province ID of Calais is 87. This command would spawn the 'western_medieval_infantry' unit in Calais.

Unit ID List

Below is a list of all Unit ID codes. Type the name of an Unit or an Unit ID into the search box below to instantly filter the table.

Name Unit ID
East African Guerrillas adal_guerilla_warfare
East African Musketeers adal_gunpowder_warfare
Abyssinian Barded Cavalry african_abyssinian_cavalry
Abyssinian Light Cavalry african_abyssinian_light_cavalry
African Clubmen african_clubmen
African Cuirassier african_cuirassier
African Dragoon african_dragoon
African Hill Warriors african_hill_warfare
African Hussar african_hussar
Mandekalu Cavalry african_mandelaku
Mossi Horsemen african_mossi_horsemen
Somali Light Cavalry african_somali_cavalry
African Spearmen african_spearmen
African Swarm Cavalry african_swarm
Tuareg Cavalry african_tuareg_cavalry
African Western Franchise Infantry african_western_franchise_warfare
Afsharid Reformed Cavalry afsharid_reformed
Afsharid Reformed Infantry afsharid_reformed_infantry
Algonkin Tomahawk Warriors algonkin_tomahawk_charge
Ali Bey Reformed Cavalry ali_bey_reformed_infantry
American Westernized Infantry american_western_franchise_warfare
Line Infantry anglofrench_line
North American Guerrillas apache_guerilla
Archipelago Frigate archipelago_frigate
Asian Arquebusier asian_arquebusier
Asian Charge Cavalry asian_charge_cavalry
Asian Mass Infantry asian_mass_infantry
Asian Musketeer asian_musketeer
Grenzer Infantry austrian_grenzer
Latin Hussars austrian_hussar
Jäger Infantry austrian_jaeger
Reformed Tercio austrian_tercio
White Coat Infantry austrian_white_coat
American Hill Musketeers aztec_gunpowder_warfare
Reformed American Hill Warriors aztec_hill_warfare
American Hill Warriors aztec_tribal_warfare
South African Musketeers bantu_gunpowder_warfare
African Plains Warriors bantu_plains_warfare
South African Warrior bantu_tribal_warfare
Bardiche Infantry bardiche_infantry
Barque barque
Sowars bhonsle_cavalry
Deccani Musket Infantry bhonsle_infantry
Brig brig
Reformed Latin Hussars british_hussar
Redcoat Infantry british_redcoat
Square Infantry british_square
Caravel caravel
Carrack carrack
Central American Dragoon central_american_dragoon
Central American Horsemen central_american_horsemen
Central American Hussar central_american_hussar
Central American Cavalry central_american_rifle_cavalry
Central American Swarm Cavalry central_american_swarm
Chambered Demi-Cannon chambered_demi_cannon
Chebeck chebeck
Chevauchée chevauchee
Asian Dragoons chinese_dragoon
Offensive Asian Foot Soldier chinese_footsoldier
Asian Longspear Infantry chinese_longspear
Asian Steppe Cavalry chinese_steppe
Coehorn Mortar coehorn_mortar
Cog cog
North American Swarm Cavalry commanche_swarm
Creek Arquebusier creek_arquebusier
Culverin culverin
Druzhina Cavalry druzhina_cavalry
Durrani Cavalry durrani_dragoon
Reformed Muslim Musketeers durrani_rifled_musketeer
Durrani Swivel Cavalry durrani_swivel
Maurician Infantry dutch_maurician
Early Carrack early_carrack
Early Frigate early_frigate
East Asian Archer Cavalry eastern_bow
Eastern Carabinier eastern_carabinier
Eastern Knights eastern_knights
Eastern Medieval Infantry eastern_medieval_infantry
Eastern Militia eastern_militia
Eastern Skirmisher eastern_skirmisher
Eastern Uhlan eastern_uhlan
East Indiaman eastindiaman
East Asian Spearmen east_asian_spearmen
Reformed Asian Steppe Cavalry east_mongolian_steppe
North African Guerrillas ethiopian_guerilla_warfare
North African Musketeers ethiopian_gunpowder_warfare
African Mountain Warriors ethiopian_mountain_warfare
Flute flute
Flying Battery flying_battery
Blue Coat Infantry french_bluecoat
Carabiniers french_carabinier
Latin Caracole Cavalry french_caracolle
Latin Cuirassiers french_cuirassier
Latin Dragoons french_dragoon
Impulse Infantry french_impulse
Frigate frigate
Free Shooter Infantry gaelic_free_shooter
Galloglaigh Infantry gaelic_galloglaigh
Reformed Galloglaigh Infantry gaelic_mercenary
Galiot galiot
Galleass galleass
Galleon galleon
Galley galley
Pike Infantry germanized_pike
Great Frigate great_frigate
Halberd Infantry halberd_infantry
Banner Infantry han_banner
Foreign Influenced Infantry ha_foreign_influenced_infantry
Reformed Influenced Infantry ha_reformed_influenced_infantry
Reformed Xantican Warrior ha_reformed_xantican_warrior
Reformed Xoloti ha_reformed_xoloti
Xantican Warrior ha_xantican_warrior
Xiuhtecuhtlian Infantry ha_xiuhtecuhtlian_infantry
Xiuhtecuhtli Soldier ha_xiuhtecuhtli_soldier
Xoloti ha_xoloti
Heavy Frigate heavy_frigate
American Dragoon high_american_dragoon
American Horsemen high_american_horsemen
American Hussars high_american_hussar
Xiuhtecuhtli Cavalry high_american_rifle_cavalry
American Swarm Cavalry high_american_swarm
Houfnice houfnice
Eastern Hussar hungarian_hussar
Native American Arquebusier huron_arquebusier
Incan Axemen incan_axemen
Incan Guerrilla incan_guerilla_warfare
Incan Slingshots incan_slingshots
Reformed Mountain Warriors inca_mountain_warfare
Elephant Archers indian_archers
Indian Arquebusier indian_arquebusier
Mansabdar Cavalry indian_elephant
Indian Foot Soldier indian_footsoldier
North Indian Sepoy indian_rifle
Deccani Light Cavalry indian_shock_cavalry
Charge Infantry irish_charge
iroquis_rifle_scout iroquis_rifle_scout
Rifle Scout Infantry iroquois_rifle_scout
Condotta Infantry italian_condotta
Asian Longbow japanese_archer
Defensive Asian Foot Soldier japanese_footsoldier
Samurai Cavalry japanese_samurai
Large Cast Bronze Mortar large_cast_bronze_mortar
Large Cast Iron Cannon large_cast_iron_bombard
Leather Cannon leather_cannon
Maratha Raiders maharathan_cavalry
Telingas maharathan_guerilla_warfare
North African Warrior mali_tribal_warfare
Muslim Archer mamluk_archer
Charge Cavalry mamluk_cavalry_charge
Muslim Duel Infantry mamluk_duel
Musket Charge Cavalry mamluk_musket_charge
Banner Cavalry manchu_banner
Reformed American Forest Warriors maya_forest_warfare
American Guerrilla Warfare maya_guerilla_warfare
American Forest Musketeers maya_gunpowder_warfare
American Forest Warriors maya_tribal_warfare
Merchantman merchantman
Mesoamerican Spearmen mesoamerican_spearmen
Central American Guerrillas mexican_guerilla_warfare
Mixed Order Infantry mixed_order_infantry
Archer Cavalry mongolian_bow
Eastern Archers mongol_bow
Eastern Steppe Cavalry mongol_steppe
Eastern Swarm Cavalry mongol_swarm
Indian Cavalry Archers mughal_mansabdar
Toofangchis mughal_musketeer
Eastern Caracole muscovite_caracolle
Cossack Cavalry muscovite_cossack
Offensive Eastern Musketeers muscovite_musketeer
Soldaty Infantry muscovite_soldaty
Muslim Cavalry Archers muslim_cavalry_archers
Muslim Dragoon muslim_dragoon
Muslim Mass Infantry muslim_mass_infantry
Latin Lancers napoleonic_lancers
Napoleonic Square napoleonic_square
Clubmen native_clubmen
Native American Archer native_indian_archer
North American Horsemen native_indian_horsemen
Native American Mountain Warriors native_indian_mountain_warfare
American Plains Warriors native_indian_tribal_warfare
African Forest Warriors niger_kongolese_forest_warfare
Central African Guerrillas niger_kongolese_guerilla_warfare
Central African Musketeers niger_kongolese_gunpowder_warfare
Central African Warrior niger_kongolese_tribal_warfare
north_american_dragoon north_american_dragoon
north_american_horsemen north_american_horsemen
North American Hussar north_american_hussar
North American Cavalry north_american_rifle_cavalry
north_american_swarm north_american_swarm
Latin Chasseur open_order_cavalry
Azab Infantry ottoman_azab
Janissary Infantry ottoman_janissary
Reformed Lancer ottoman_lancer
Musellem Cavalry ottoman_musellem
Eastern New Model Infantry ottoman_new_model
Nizami Cedid Infantry ottoman_nizami_cedid
Reformed Janissary Infantry ottoman_reformed_janissary
Reformed Spahi Cavalry ottoman_reformed_spahi
Sekban Infantry ottoman_sekban
Spahi Cavalry ottoman_spahi
Timariot Cavalry ottoman_timariot
Toprakli Dragoons ottoman_toprakli_dragoon
Toprakli Hit and Run Cavalry ottoman_toprakli_hit_and_run
Yaya Infantry ottoman_yaya
Pedrero pedrero
Muslim Cavalry persian_cavalry_charge
Muslim Foot Soldier persian_footsoldier
Muslim Rifle Infantry persian_rifle
Shamshir Infantry persian_shamshir
South American Guerrilla peruvian_guerilla_warfare
Reformed Eastern Hussars polish_hussar
Defensive Eastern Musketeers polish_musketeer
Eastern Tercio polish_tercio
Winged Hussars polish_winged_hussar
Drill Infantry prussian_drill
Frederickian Infantry prussian_frederickian
Uhlan Cavalry prussian_uhlan
Ambush Infantry pueblo_ambush
Qizilbash Cavalry qizilbash_cavalry
Indian Cavalry rajput_hill_fighters
Akbarid Musketeers rajput_musketeer
Reformed Asian Cavalry reformed_asian_cavalry
Reformed Asian Musketeer reformed_asian_musketeer
Green Standard Cavalry reformed_manchu_rifle
Dai-Phat Cavalry reformed_mughal_mansabdar
South Indian Infantry reformed_mughal_musketeer
Reformed Steppe Rifles reformed_steppe_rifles
Reformed Westernized Incan Infantry reformed_westernized_incan
Royal Mortar royal_mortar
Advanced Cossack Cavalry russian_cossack
Eastern Cuirassiers russian_cuirassier
Green Coat Infantry russian_green_coat
Lancers russian_lancer
Mass Infantry russian_mass
Petrine Infantry russian_petrine
Saxon Infantry saxon_infantry
Schwarze Reiter schwarze_reiter
Highlanders Infantry scottish_highlander
Shaybanid Cavalry shaybani
North Indian Musket Infantry sikh_hit_and_run
Mysorean Light Cavalry sikh_rifle
North American Dragoon sioux_dragoon
Stratioti Cavalry slavic_stradioti
Small Cast Iron Cannon small_cast_iron_bombard
West African Warrior songhai_tribal_warfare
South American Arquebusier south_american_arquebusier
South American Dragoon south_american_dragoon
South American Forest Warriors south_american_forest_warfare
Defensive American Musketeers south_american_gunpowder_warfare
South American Horsemen south_american_horsemen
South American Hussar south_american_hussar
Reformed American Musketeers south_american_reformed_gunpowder_warfare
South American Cavalry south_american_rifle_cavalry
South American Spearmen south_american_spearmen
South American Swarm Cavalry south_american_swarm
American Mountain Warriors south_american_warfare
Poligar Infantry south_indian_musketeer
Tercio Infantry spanish_tercio
Steppe Cavalry steppe_cavalry
Steppe Footmen steppe_footmen
Steppe Infantry steppe_infantry
Steppe Lancers steppe_lancers
Mounted Steppe Raiders steppe_mounted_raiders
Steppe Musketeers steppe_musketeers
Steppe Raiders steppe_raiders
Steppe Riders steppe_riders
Steppe Rifles steppe_rifles
Steppe Uhlans steppe_uhlans
Arme Blanche Cavalry swedish_arme_blanche
Caroline Infantry swedish_caroline
Gallop Cavalry swedish_gallop
Gustavian Infantry swedish_gustavian
Landsknecht Infantry swiss_landsknechten
Swivel Cannon swivel_cannon
Reformed Cossack Cavalry tartar_cossack
Threedecker threedecker
Indian Drill Infantry tipu_sultan_rocket
Muslim Musketeer tofongchis_musketeer
Muslim Musketeer Cavalry topchis_artillery
Trabakul trabakul
Twodecker twodecker
War Galleon wargalleon
War Galley war_galley
Westernized East African Infantry westernized_adal
Westernized American Hill Infantry westernized_aztec
Westernized South African Infantry westernized_bantu
Westernized North African Infantry westernized_ethiopian
Westernized Incan Infantry westernized_incan
Westernized Central American infantry westernized_mayan
Westernized Central African Infantry westernized_niger_kongolese
Westernized South American Infantry westernized_south_american
Westernized American Plains Infantry westernized_zapotec
Longbow western_longbow
Latin Medieval Infantry western_medieval_infantry
Latin Knights western_medieval_knights
Men at Arms western_men_at_arms
Southern Cossacks zaporoghian_cossack
Offensive American Musketeers zapotec_gunpowder_warfare
Reformed American Plains Warriors zapotec_plains_warfare
American Plains Warriors zapotec_tribal_warfare
Chest and Horn Infantry zulu_chest_and_horns