EU4 Flagship Modification ID Codes

Find below a searchable list of all Europa Universalis IV flagship modifications and their respective ID codes. To search the table, enter the name or ID of a flagship modification into the text box below.

Name Flagship Modification ID
Flagship base_flagship_modification
Mass Load Cannons mass_load_cannons
Trade Route Map trade_route_map
Command Aftercastle command_aftercastle
Improved Crow's Nest improved_crows_nest
Mortars mortars
Standardized Signal Book standardized_signal_book
Hull Sheathing hull_sheating
Portuguese Navigators portuguese_navigators
Portuguese Bombardier portuguese_bombardier
Portuguese Trade Route Map portuguese_trade_route_map
Spanish Grand Armada spanish_grand_armada
Spanish Treasury Convoy spanish_treasure_fleet
Spanish Mass Load Cannons spanish_mass_load_cannons
Dutch Courage dutch_courage
Portuguese Fusiliers portuguese_corps_of_fusiliers
Integrated Marines integrated_marines
Scandinavian Flag Officers scandinavian_flag_officers
Flag Officers flag_officers
Spare Jolly Roger spare_jolly_roger
Captain's Log captains_log