EU4 Idea Group Keys

Find below a list of EU4 idea groups, with their ID (keys), for use in the add_idea_group console command. Type the name or key of an idea group into the search box to instantly filter the table contents

Name Idea Group Key
Aristocratic Ideas aristocracy_ideas
Plutocratic Ideas plutocracy_ideas
Innovative Ideas innovativeness_ideas
Religious Ideas religious_ideas
Espionage Ideas spy_ideas
Diplomatic Ideas diplomatic_ideas
Offensive Ideas offensive_ideas
Defensive Ideas defensive_ideas
Trade Ideas trade_ideas
Economic Ideas economic_ideas
Exploration Ideas exploration_ideas
Naval Ideas naval_ideas
Quality Ideas quality_ideas
Quantity Ideas quantity_ideas
Expansion Ideas expansion_ideas
Administrative Ideas administrative_ideas
English Ideas ENG_ideas
Swedish Ideas SWE_ideas
Russian Ideas RUS_ideas
Spanish Ideas SPA_ideas
Dutch Ideas NED_ideas
Danish Ideas DAN_ideas
French Ideas FRA_ideas
Ottoman Ideas TUR_ideas
Venetian Ideas VEN_ideas
Prussian Ideas PRU_ideas
Portuguese Ideas POR_ideas
Polish Ideas POL_ideas
Austrian Ideas HAB_ideas
Chinese Ideas CHI_ideas
Bavarian Ideas BAV_ideas
Persian Ideas PER_ideas
Hungarian Ideas HUN_ideas
Japanese Ideas JAP_ideas
Mamluk Ideas MAM_ideas
Neapolitan Ideas NAP_ideas
Aragonese Ideas ARA_ideas
Timurid Ideas TIM_ideas
Hanseatic Ideas HSA_ideas
Milanese Ideas MLO_ideas
Byzantine Ideas BYZ_ideas
Vijayanagar Ideas VIJ_ideas
Ayutthayan Ideas AYU_ideas
Norwegian Ideas NOR_ideas
Omani Ideas OMA_ideas
Korean Ideas KOR_ideas
Bohemian Ideas BOH_ideas
Italian Ideas ITA_ideas
Manchu Ideas MCH_ideas
Palatinate Ideas PAL_ideas
Novgorod Ideas NOV_ideas
Ethiopian Ideas ETH_ideas
Dai Viet Ideas DAI_ideas
Savoyard Ideas SAV_ideas
Saxon Ideas SAX_ideas
Lithuanian Ideas LIT_ideas
Berber Ideas berber_ideas
Indian Sultanate Ideas indian_muslim_ideas
Horde Ideas horde_ideas
Divine Ideas theocracy_ideas
National Ideas default_ideas