Liberty Desire Cheat

Be liberated!

In Europa Universalis IV, each country has a "liberty desire". This is a number between 0 and 100 that represents how much a country "desires" liberty. Higher liberty desire values mean a country has a higher desire for liberty, and therefore events such as rebellions are more likely.

Commands are typed into EU4's console - you will need to know how to open and use the console in order to follow this tutorial. If you need help, see this guide.

You can use console commands to change a country's liberty desire, the command you can use to do this is the add_liberty_desire command, which has the following syntax:

add_liberty_desire [amount] [country tag]

The [country tag] argument is optional. You should replace [amount] with the amount of liberty desire you wish to add or remove. The below command would add 10 liberty desire to your current country:

add_liberty_desire 10

You can remove liberty desire from your country by specifying a negative number, this command would remove 10 liberty desire:

add_liberty_desire -10

To add or remove liberty desire from a country other than your own, you can specify a country tag after the amount (separated by a space). A country tag is a unique 3 character code assigned to each country. England's is ENG, Germany's is GER but sometimes they aren't as easy to guess - use our country tag list to search all of the countries in the game. Let's say we wanted to add 5 liberty desire to England, you could do that with this command:

add_liberty_desire 5 ENG

You could remove 15 liberty desire from Germany with the following command:

add_liberty_desire -15 GER

That's all there is to the liberty desire cheat. You can find more EU4 commands on our console commands list. Check out our blog for more guides such as religion cheats.


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