EU4 Religion ID List

Find below a table containing all Europa Unviersalis IV religion ID codes (also known as religion keys). See our article on religion cheats for help using the below IDs. Type the name or key of a religion into the search box to instantly filter the table contents.

Name Religion ID
Defender of Faith defender_of_faith
Catholic catholic
Anglican anglican
Hussite hussite
Protestant protestant
Reformed reformed
Orthodox orthodox
Coptic coptic
Sunni sunni
Shia shiite
Ibadi ibadi
Theravada buddhism
Vajrayana vajrayana
Mahayana mahayana
Confucian confucianism
Shinto shinto
Hindu hinduism
Sikh sikhism
Animist animism
Fetishist shamanism
Totemist totemism
Inti inti
Nahuatl nahuatl
Mayan mesoamerican_religion
Norse norse_pagan_reformed
Tengri tengri_pagan_reformed
Jewish jewish
Zoroastrian zoroastrian