EU4 Remove_cb Command

General Information

This command removes a casus belli (specified by its ID and the two country tags involved).


remove_cb [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag]

Casus Belli IDThe ID of the casus belli you wish to remove. See our casus belli key list for IDs.
Country TagThe country tag to remove the casus belli from.
Country TagThe country tag of the country that declared the casus belli (the other country involved in the casus belli). If not specified, this will be the country you are currently playing as.

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remove_cb cb_loan_cancelled GER

This command would remove the casus belli against Germany (from your current country) with the ID cb_loan_cancelled (Cancelled Loan).

remove_cb cb_dishonored_call ENG FRA

Assuming France had a casus belli against England with the reason Dishonoured Call (cb_dishonored_call), this would remove that casus belli.